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Choose to Be Prepared

The Foundation has many important goals, but shaming women into becoming or staying active isn't one of them!

Being active, or not, is all about choice. Whether you decide to hire a Personal Trainer, go along to a pregnancy yoga class, or rest up and watch boxsets, we're here to empower you to make the right choice for you!

We do know staying active throughout your pregnancy will give you the best chance of a good recovery, whatever happens during your labour. 


In many ways pregnancy is like running a marathon - in fact it's the most physically demanding experience your body will ever go through - and many women will go through it more than once! 


You may choose to train for the 'marathon', or you may not. Some women will get through the whole experience without doing anything and still come out at the end in tip top condition. Many women will not.

So, this is why our mantra is "choose to be prepared" in whatever way that feels right for you. 

We'll be working our hardest to ensure the Health & Fitness Industry are upskilled and resourced to enable them to provide appropriate advice, support and facilities. We want them to up their game, which is why we plan to launch our Baby Bumps Welcome Campaign at the end of 2020. 

This Mum Moves

This ukactive initiative aims to support  women and provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver physical activity advice.


They also have a fantastic resources for Mums to Be!

Check out their website for ideas and inspiration - HERE 

Baby Bubby App


Baby Buddy App is our free multi-award winning, interactive pregnancy and parenting guide.

Download it to your devices or 

 visit their website - HERE - for free advice and guidance

Safety Messages


No Evidence of Harm

There are no adverse maternal or infant outcomes for healthy women resulting from moderate intensity physical activity during pregnancy.


Listen to Your Body & Adapt

Consider adapting, rather than stopping physical activity throughout pregnancy. Some activity may feel different as pregnancy progresses and we advise women to 'listen to their body'. A general rule is - if it feels pleasant keep going, if it's painful or uncomfortable STOP

and seek advice. 

Don't Bump the Bump!

We recommend pregnant women avoid contact sports and any physical activity where there is a high risk of injury, falls or trauma. Also keep in mind that your balance can be affected by pregnancy, and pregnant women are therefore at higher risk of falls.

If in Doubt, Ask!

If you're worried or concerned seek advice from your healthcare provider. If you're starting a new activity routine, or would like advice on continuing a sport or activity you're already participating in, we recommend you download the CMO Guidelines & take them to your healthcare appointment. Not all healthcare professionals know about them.

Adopted from the CMO Guidelines

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