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Competition 2021

On May 1st 2021 we're launching our very first campaign & competition!

A competition to change the status quo

Finding inspirational images of everyday active pregnant and postnatal women is hard enough and if we add in diversity by age, race, body type, or disability to our list the challenge is nigh impossible. Instead we are deluged with sedentary images of model perfection.  An art director’s view of how pregnancy is meant to be.  Our competition is set to change this!

We will be giving amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to share their images of real women being active, during their pregnancy or after they’ve had their baby. This could be a mum out on a walk with her partner and kids. It could be a pregnant woman taking her wheelchair for a spin, or swimming, or running, or practicing yoga. Every woman’s ‘active’ pregnancy will be different, which is why it’s so important that we see that #RealMumsAreRoleModels



We want to increase the VISIBILITY of mums

being active.


We want to to increase the REPRESENTATION of mums being active.


We want to give mums the opportunity to feel part of a COMMUNITY.

How to Enter

We want photographers to get creative and submit selfies or portraits via Instagram or Twitter.


To enter their caption needs to include our handle and the hashtag: #RealMumsAreRoleModels.


Entrants must also clearly state the category they are entering by including one of the following hashtags:

#ActiveMum #ActiveBlackBrownMum #ActiveMumDisability


Captions do not need to include a personal story, although if the mum featured would like to write something about their active motherhood journey they will also be entered into the “Inspirational Story”.


Each Winning Photograph - 


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Enter Now!

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Inspirational Story 


FittaMamma Goodie Bag

Prize includes:

  • Supportive Leggings (Or Capris)

  • High Impact Maternity & Feeding Sports Bra

  • Pregnancy Exercise Vest

Competition Categories

Active Pregnant

& Postnatal Mums


Active Black & Brown Pregnant &

Postnatal Mums


Active Pregnant & Postnatal Mums

with a Disability





Our Judges

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