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Are you trying to conceive through IVF?

Check out our advice & guidance for women who are on an IVF journey, 

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Is it safe for me?

Being active after pregnancy has many physical and mental health benefits and, if you've had a straightforward birth, you can begin to build up to being active gradually.  

Watch the video, below for more information on how to get back to activity safely. It's packed with information, including what to look out for that might have an impact on what

and how much you can do. 

Did you know?

Being active during IVF...

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Helps you return
to pre-pregnancy weight

Improves tummy muscle tone & strength

Helps you
sleep better

Reduces worries & depression

Want to reintroduce activity after having your baby?

Here's what the national guidelines say. . .
Active Pregnancy Foundation - Postnatal CMO Guidelines
Play Video
No pregnancy is
the same, but there's an
activity for everyone

Written by experts, here's our

FREE downloadable guides

to activities you can enjoy.

Each guide is packed with advice and top tips to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. 

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Head to our Information Hub - we've included links to evidence-based research and trusted organisations who provide additional support to both pregnant and postnatal women.

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