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Is it safe for me?

Being active during pregnancy has many physical and mental health benefits and is generally safe for most women.  But knowing whether it is safe for YOU personally, still leaves many women confused and even scared.

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy (GAQ-P) has been designed to identify the small number of women who need to consult with a healthcare professional before they begin or continue to be physically active, and to help the majority of healthy pregnant women overcome any concerns they might have about getting or staying active.

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Advice  - For Pregnant Women

Confused? Not sure what you can or can't do? Watch this!

Active Pregnancy Foundation - Pregnancy CMO Guidelines
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Are you pregnant
& already active? 
Keep going
& adapt!
Are you pregnant
& not active? 
That's ok! 
Start gradually
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Did you know?

Being active during pregnancy:


  • Improves cardiovascular fitness

  • Helps manage pregnancy weight gain

  • Reduces risk of high blood pressure

  • Helps prevent gestational diabetes

  • Improves sleep

  • Is great for your mental health!

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Advice  - For Postnatal Women
Mum and Baby Laughing
New Mum?
Were you active during
your pregnancy? 
but start with adaptations
New Mum?
Not active during
your pregnancy?
No problem! 
Start gradually
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Did you know?

Being active after childbirth:

  • Is great for your mood

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness 

  • Helps with post-pregnancy weight management

  • Helps with tummy muscle tone & strength

  • Improves sleep

  • Also reduces worry & depression!

The Foundation has many important goals, but shaming women into becoming or staying active isn't one of them!

​Being active, or not, is all about choice and we're here to empower you to make the right choice for you! 

We do know staying active throughout your pregnancy will give you the best chance of a good recovery, whatever happens during your labour. 


In many ways pregnancy is like running a marathon - in fact it's the most physically demanding experience your body will ever go through - and many women will go through it more than once! 


You may choose to train for the 'marathon', or you may not. Some women will get through the whole experience without doing anything and still come out at the end in tip top condition. Many women will not.

This is why our mantra is "choose to be prepared" in whatever way that feels right for you.


With that in mind we encourage you to arm yourself with knowledge, check out our Any Questions? section, and feel free to drop us a line if you need any further advice.


Advice  - For Dads, Partners, Family & Friends

It's important that your influencing network i.e. your partner, family and friends,

have access to information too - so give them a prod, and send them

over to our Support Network page for advice and guidance.

We're keen to encourage carers and community leaders to become

involved too. So, if you go along to a community run 'mums group',

please let them know about the work we do.

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Advice - Your Professional Care Network

We'll be working our hardest to ensure the professionals you meet along your pregnancy journey are up-skilled and resourced to enable them to provide appropriate advice, support and facilities.


We want them to up their game, which is why we plan to launch our Baby Bumps Welcome Campaign in 2021 - so watch this space!


If you find your GP or midwife isn't sure of the guidelines then recommend our website, or download a copy of the Chief Medical Officers' Guidelines and take them along to your next appointment.

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Help Us Shape the Direction of the Charity 

Do you have something to say about being active during or after pregnancy? 

Would you like to help us shape how we support pregnant & postnatal women?

Join our Mother Board & share your experiences.