• Sally Kettle

Certain About Uncertainty

Feeling out of control in these uncertain times? Then it’s time to let go of control.


In times of uncertainty, sometimes the best way of remaining in control is to let go of control (of the things we can’t). That doesn’t mean being helpless. Far from it - in fact, wanting to control the things we can’t is what makes us feel helpless. What it means is recognising the things that we can control and the things that we can’t. And rather than ruminating on the things we can’t control, instead focussing our thoughts and energies on those things that we can.

Just notice the difference in how you feel if you switch your attention from what you can’t control to what you can. Here are some examples:

➡️ We may not...

...have super powers to stop the virus

👍 But we can...

...follow government advice to slow and manage the spread.

➡️ We may not...

...know when we’ll be able to visit loved ones

👍 But we can...

...make efforts to stay in contact by phone or online.

➡️ We may not...

...know for certain what will happen

👍 But we can...

...focus on making each day be the best it can.

Focussing on things we can control and letting go of the things we can’t, can really help us to feel a bit more certain during times of uncertainty.

Advice & Support provided by NISAD (National Institutes for Stress, Anxiety and Depression)

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