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COVID-19 Update - 28.03.20

Updated: Apr 18

We've been carefully watching the updates from The RCOG and Royal College of Midwives and one particular question has been discussed recently. We thought we'd post it here, just in case it was something that was playing on your mind right now:

Q. Will I be able to have my birth partner with me during labour and birth?

Yes, you should be encouraged to have a birth partner present with you during labour and birth. Having a trusted birth partner present throughout labour is known to make a significant difference to the safety and well-being of women in childbirth.

If your birth partner has symptoms of coronavirus, they will not be allowed to go into the maternity suite, to safeguard the health of the woman and the maternity staff supporting you

Local Trusts may place restrictions on visitors which might mean that partners are not able to attend routine antenatal appointments, or stay with women on antenatal or postnatal wards. However, this should not impact on your birth partner’s presence during your labour and the birth, unless they are unwell.

Read to full press release HERE

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ADVICE - for employers & pregnant women

If you are pregnant and still working, thinking of working or would like to stop working - please check out their guidance HERE - this is particularly relevant if you are a HEALTHCARE WORKER.

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