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Webinar for Mums2Be

Michael Dooley sits on our Advisory Board member and is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Medical Director of The Poundbury Clinic.

Webinar - Pregnancy & COVID-19


Session Description

Covid- 19 has created fear and a huge amount of worry. But fear of the unknown, going through uncharted waters can become the greatest fear of all. Pregnancy can be an exciting time and bring lots of joy and happiness. But pregnancy with the fear of Covid-19 can create enormous anxiety, loneliness and worry for you and all your loved ones. Michael will explain the background to the virus and what are the symptoms of the illness and how to decrease you chances of catching it. He will discuss what to do if you are trying to get pregnant during these unusual times and how to manage any concerns.

If you are pregnant, lifestyle advice will be shared and guidance on how to help obtain and maintain a healthy outcome for you and your baby will be offered.

Now is the time to try and understand and fear less.

This webinar is hosted by Healthflix


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