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National Guidelines

In June 2017 the first national guidelines on physical activity during pregnancy were published – these were then updated in 2019.  The first national guidelines on physical activity following childbirth were published in 2019.

The infographic, below was designed to support healthcare professionals,

but it is also the basis of the advice provided by The Active Pregnancy Foundation.

As a Health & Fitness Profession it is useful to be aware of the guidelines, especially if or when you're approached by a woman who needs advice and support on how to be active. 

CMO Activity Guidelines 2019.png

If you'd like to see the full range of infographics for physical activity guidelines,

you can download them HERE

Professional Standards

In July 2019, CIMSPA published the CIMSPA Professional Standard: Population Specialism: 

Working with Antenatal and Postnatal Clients

The document covers the essential knowledge and skills needed to work with pre and post natal women.

You can download the document on their website HERE

Returning to Running

Are you keen to support postnatal women who wish to return to running?

The following infographics were published in March 2019 and are an excellent resource for health & fitness professionals.

If you need more info, please download the guideline.

E-Learning for Healthcare

e-lfh Logo.png

It is now possible to access the 'Pregnancy and Postnatal Period: Being Active'

e-learning module on the E-Learning for Healthcare website. 

The session discusses being active throughout pregnancy and after childbirth (birth to 12 months)

by raising awareness of the current national physical activity guidelines and thereby empowering

pregnant women and new mothers to make informed choices about physical activity throughout motherhood.

You can register with the site and gain access to the module HERE

Dance Mama

Dance Mama is ‘a unique and vital resource’ (One Dance UK) - the organisation primarily advocates for

parents working professionally in dance. It has resources, information and an online community relevant for anyone

who takes part in dance regularly or recreationally. 


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