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About Us

Set up during the first lockdown in 2020, The Active Pregnancy Foundation are a registered charity dedicated to breaking down barriers to engagement with physical activity during the preconception, pregnancy and the postnatal life stages.

What We Do

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We support women to stay active throughout pregnancy and beyond,

by providing expertise & advice, changing culture & challenging policy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society where women are empowered to be physically active throughout their childbearing years in a way that works for them. For some women this may be sport, for others it involves exercise, but for most women this is physical activity. Regardless of their starting point, we aim to meet women where they are at and support them throughout that journey.

Our Priorities

To champion the physical activity needs of women throughout their childbearing years. By working with them, healthcare and fitness professionals, researchers, and other industry stakeholders, we aim to:

Change the Narrative

Change the narrative around being active during the childbearing years, through research, education, and advocacy.

Visibility & Representation

Increase visibility and representation of active women, thereby increasing the number of role models who influence and motivate.


Create a support network of women and professionals, where experiences and learning can be shared.

Work Collaboratively

Work collaboratively across the physical activity and health system to ensure high quality provision and access to qualified professionals, and safe active spaces.


Empower women to take ownership of their own health, to make informed decisions by dispelling myths, emphasising benefits and safety messages, and encouraging meaningful conversations.

Our Big Push 2024

Want to know what our plans are for the next year? 

We've got lots going on and loads we want to achieve.

Our Big Push outlines our vision and key activities for the year,

so give it a read to discover what we'll committing to in 2024.

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