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Are you pregnant?

Check out our advice & guidance, read women's stories & discover resources to help you become or stay active throughout your pregnancy


Is it safe for me?

Being active during pregnancy has many physical and mental health benefits and is generally safe for most women.  But knowing whether it is safe for YOU personally, still leaves many women confused and even scared.

The Get Active Questionnaire for Pregnancy (GAQ-P)

has been designed to identify the small number of women who need to consult with a healthcare professional before they begin or continue to be physically active, and to help the majority of healthy pregnant women overcome any concerns they might have about getting or staying active.

Did you know?

Being active during pregnancy...

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Reduces risk of
high blood pressure problems

Helps prevent
gestational diabetes

Helps you
sleep better

Is great for mental health

Want to learn more about being active in your pregnancy? 

Here's what the national guidelines say ...