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Women's Stories

Every woman will have a story about her pregnancy . . .

Every mother will have a story about her pregnancy - some good, some uplifting, often emotional and sometimes painful. Unfortunately, many women have told us they don't have a story to tell about being active during pregnancy because they received little, conflicting or no advice or support about what to do or how to do it safely.

If we don't share positive stories of 'active pregnancies'  we create a culture where being active during pregnancy, or as a new mum, is not seen as a positive experience which is good for the health and wellbeing of women and their babies. 


We want to change this by sharing stories, and we'd love to hear from you too. 

If you'd like to share your experiences, please drop us a line and we'll send you our story brief.

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Llara - Women's Stories

"My body didn’t feel like mine and I didn’t have and couldn’t find the information I needed to allow me to keep working out safely."

"When I discovered I was pregnant I was thrilled, but also knew I wanted to keep active, not only for mine and baby’s health but my mind too."

Helen - Women's Stories
Zoe Bump running 2.jpg

"I was aware that I was being looked at more and overheard one lady say to her daughter “she’s mad!”

"... I expected to want to get straight back into cycling and Pilates but found that the idea of being away from this amazing tiny human was too much for me mentally..."

Helen Quirk bump photo.jpg

"I felt amazed at what my body was capable of - although I was training less, in many ways I felt stronger than ever."

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