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Lottie's Story

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"I used to cycle for at least an hour every day even when I was pregnant."

I completed a triathlon a few years ago as well.I stopped cycling when I was 7months pregnant as my centre of gravity had shifted too much and I wasn't as stable, haha!

I had hoped to get cycling again quite quickly after giving birth but then the pandemic hit, and all my work dried up and I was just stuck at home with my son and PND.

Getting back out with Seth with me has been great. He enjoys watching everything as we go as he's very nosy. Gives me more freedom as well, we're not constrained to where we can get a bus and we can just stop and pick some flowers if we want.

Apparently, I'm 'brave' for cycling with him but really, it's quicker and easier to get around South West London on a bike. Although in the rain it's no fun.

Cycling has always given me time to just clear my mind and it's quite calming even when going through London traffic.
I'm hoping he will get his own bike when he's older and will want to keep cycling together.

He's already having swimming lessons so maybe we can enter a triathlon together in the future too!

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