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We undertake our

own research to further the understanding of active pregnancy & postnatal periods

We Share

We share findings from other researchers working in the field. We also work collaboratively to deliver projects & further research

We Connect

We connect those

with shared research interests with each other & potential participants

Our COVID-19 Lockdown Surveys

During 21 April - 24 July and 9 November - 2 December 2020, we conducted an anonymous surveys in association with the This Mum Moves project, to explore pregnant women and new mum's engagement with physical activities as well as their need and use of related resources during lockdown and the pandemic.


The findings from this survey were used to inform the development of an Active at Home resource page which consists of a range of workout content, reviewed by an expert panel, for women to do at home.

We have also developed an infographic and Top Tips series to support women.

Pregnant women wearing a mask

Are you a researcher, academic or commissioner with an interest in this topic area?

Can we support you by:

 Sharing your findings?
    Linking you with potential participants?

Collaborating on a bid or project?

Calls for Participants

If you are conducting research and are specifically looking for participation from pregnant or postnatal women, their partners, or health/fitness/sport professionals, then tell us about it! 

We produce a monthly newsletter and can advertise participation opportunities. 

Want to Help with Research?

Pregnancy is a unique life event, and whilst research in this area has increased over the last two decade, this is sill so much for us to learn and understand.

If you are currently pregnant or a new mum (i.e. given birth within the last 12 months), mum's partner, or a health / fitness / sport professional and would be willing to give some of your time to participate in research, then please sign up for our newsletter. 

We will keep you updated with projects that might be of interest to you.

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