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The Mother Board

Help us to shape what we do & how we do it

Join us!

Applications are currently closed.
Please register interest.

Do you have something to say about being active during or after pregnancy? 

Would you like to help us shape how we support pregnant & postnatal women?


We are looking for individuals from a diverse range of

backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. We need a team who represent the full breadth of communities we work with.

Join our Mother Board & share your experiences.

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About the Board

The aim of the Mother Board is to be the ‘voice’ for pregnant and postnatal women, childbearing people, and the family and friends that support them.  


Members will be invited to provide insight and feedback on the projects, campaigns, and resources we have, or intend to develop.


Board members are also invited to share their own experiences and the experiences of their personal network.  



Becoming a Member

  • Member is currently closed but we will open again in Autumn 2022 - Register your interest & we'll be in touch when we open the applications again.

  • Membership is FREE.

  • We ask you to attend four Zoom meetings a year.

  • Join a sub-committee and you might need to meet at other times, but this will be agreed in advance.

  • Plan to commit for 1 year, although you can terminate your membership at any time. Membership can be extended too, on a rolling basis.

  • The Board will be made up of 25 members, and our criteria for selection will be based on ensuring inclusivity and diversity.

  • We ask you to complete a very short E-Learning module about being active during pregnancy & the postnatal period - you get a certificate at the end!

  • We're currently only accepting applications for members based in the UK. 

Register Interest HERE

Thank you! We'll be in touch.

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