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What's the Problem?

And what are we going to do about it?

We Break Down Barriers

We're dedicated to breaking down barriers to good health for women during the pre-conception, pregnancy and the postnatal period. As well as challenging traditional barriers and social stigmas, we provide access to accurate information, guidance, and support; empowering women to make informed decisions around their engagement with physical activity throughout motherhood.


Being active holds many benefits for women and their babies, e.g.

  • improved mood

  • cardiorespiratory fitness

  • reduced risk of developing gestational diabetes

  • reduced risk of high blood pressure problems

  • reduced risk of postpartum depression.


However, despite the general and unique benefits, physical activity participation is often lower in pregnant women than in the general population. Literature shows that engagement with physical activity decreases as pregnancy progresses and does not typically pick up again following childbirth, rarely returning to pre-conception levels. This suggests that inactivity during pregnancy and the postnatal period may place mothers at considerable risk for continued inactivity which places them at significant risk of developing disease.


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Our Plan

Our aims are to preserve and protect the good physical and mental health of women who are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or who have recently given birth through the promotion of physical activity by:


  1. Raising public awareness of the benefits of physical activity throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period;

  2. Working with health and social care provision; healthcare, fitness and sports professionals, and related industries to promote access to safe and beneficial activities for women during preconception, throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period;

  3. Conducting research into physical activity during pregnancy and the postnatal period and publishing the useful results; and

  4. Promoting and developing best practice guidelines in the field of activity and exercise during pregnancy and the postnatal period.


Our mission is to support women to stay active throughout pregnancy and beyond, by providing expertise and advice; changing culture; and challenging policy.

Who we work with
Pregnant Women Reading

Advice &


We provide up-to-date advice and guidance to pregnant and postnatal women, and their

support network. 

We train the professionals they meet along their pregnancy journey to ensure they receive consistent & accurate information.

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Education & Information

We provide training to fitness professionals, and other professionals working with pregnant and postnatal women, through our This Mum Moves Ambassador Training Programme. This ensures they have access to  up-to-date evidence-based information. 

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This Mum Moves Ambassadors

We provide access to up-to-date research, as well as insight and education through our This Mum Moves Ambassador Training Programme, ensuring healthcare professions feel confident about initiating conversations about activity.

Are you willing to help us improve the health of the nation? 
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