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The vote is now CLOSED

Our esteemed panel of judges have pulled together a shortlist for the following Awards:


‘Women of the Year’ & 'Product of the Year'


These two Awards will be decided by you - so every vote counts!


Voting opened at 9am on Wednesday 10th May

Voting closed at Midnight on Sunday 21st May.



The shortlisted candidates for all other awards will be announced from 22nd May.
These winners will be selected by the judges only.

Please read our Awards Criteria and Terms & Conditions for more information.

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Woman of the Year

Lt Col ES Walker_edited.jpg

Lt Col. Elaine Walker

An Army GP and current Senior Medical Officer for the 1st UK Division Elaine has been the volunteer lead for the Defence GP Specialist Interest Group for women’s health since 2016.


The team are focused on improving the standard of care for women’s health matters across Defence which is done through education of Servicewomen, healthcare professionals and line managers and by influencing and writing Defence policies.


Previous projects Elaine has led on include the introduction of women’s health physiotherapy to Defence; the introduction of the pre and post-natal physical training instructor course to the 3 Services to reduce MSK injury post-natally; contribution to the breastfeeding, menopause and miscarriage policies and the delivery of the 18 monthly Defence Women’s Health Conference.


Current projects include supporting the development of a unified maternity pathway for Defence personnel and their families; a health needs analysis of the perinatal mental health requirements for Servicewomen to inform commissioning; research in to the prevalence and causative factors of incontinence in Servicewomen; and a project with NHS Health and Justice in NE England working together to improve the management of disclosures of Sexual Offences within Defence.

Maria Elliot

Maria Elliott is the founder of Mummy MOT® and Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services. She has worked extensively in the field of women's health for over 30 years and is one of the UK's leading practitioners in pelvic health. 


A specialist pelvic health Physiotherapist and a clinical Pilates instructor, Maria runs two prominent integrated-pelvic health clinics in London with a multidisciplinary team. Maria Elliott Physiotherapy Services (MEPS) focuses on helping women and men achieve optimal pelvic health and balance, through manual therapy, dynamic exercises, and functional rehabilitation. She is always dedicated and energetic in her approach to her patients’ recovery. Maria has developed unique treatment programmes that are at the forefront of postnatal and pelvic recovery. 


After training in France in postnatal rehabilitation, Maria created the Mummy MOT postnatal check - a unique and highly effective postnatal recovery programme. Since founding Mummy MOT in 2015, Maria has trained over 700 practitioners around the world to support, educate, and empower mums. 


Maria works closely with leading Pelvic Health Consultants in London, experts in the field of biomechanics, urology, gynaecology, pain management and functional rehab to provide integrated recovery programmes for men and women. Maria offers Pelvic Pain Coaching and comprehensive psychological, health and pain support, combining advice on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and breath work to aid full recovery.


In her spare time, Maria loves climbing mountains, dancing, meditating by the sea - and her dog, Charlie! She thrives on networking, coaching and inspiring practitioners and patients. 

M Elliott_edited.jpg
Sophie Power Portrait.jpg

Sophie Power

British ultra-runner Sophie Power became a household name when a photograph of her breastfeeding her 3-month-old baby during the 106-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) went viral around the world.

Sophie, who started running in 2009, finished the UTMB in just under 44 hours, and has also run several of the world’s most famous ultra-races including the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara, the 153-mile, non-stop Spartathlon in Greece and the 268-mile Spine Fusion. 

Sophie was famously photographed racing the UTMB, a 106 mile mountain race whilst breastfeeding her3 month old baby. She wanted to defer her place until she was fully fit, but whilst the organisation will defer places for injury, for them pregnancy is seen as a choice. Completing the UTMB was a dream for her, and having already lost a hard won place whilst pregnant with her first son she chose to race. Many women lose out on that opportunity.

Several race directors contacted her after her story went viral saying they were embarrassed they had never thought about pregnancy - or even that women have different experiences of races to men. They wanted to know how they could improve their race and value female athletes equally to male.

Many more women have contacted her sharing their experiences and asking for support in making race policies equitable. 

She went on to found She Races to ensure women have the same opportunities as men. Where races are designed through a female lens as well as a man’s. Where we are encouraged to participate, that our differences are taken into account and our achievements are held in equal regard.

She has since had her third baby and shared her active pregnancy and recovery through social media @ultra_sophie and a documentary sponsored by Hoka.  Sophie is passionate about ensuring all women have the opportunity to be active and is a Trustee of Women in Sport. 

Purple Glow

Product of the Year

Bumps and Burpees: Your Guide to Staying Strong, Fit and Happy Throughout Pregnancy

Book by Charlie Barker

Bumps & Burpees as a brand aims to guide and support women through pregnancy and into motherhood and the book was created to do exactly this. A book that understands that not every pregnancy is the same, that addresses the mental and physical changes that come, and offers safe and effective workouts for you to follow trimester by trimester. Step by step exercises that are designed to keep you strong and safe as you grow your baby, help to prepare you for birth and recovery in the best way possible. Charlie's holistic approach helps you to prioritise your own health and wellbeing, whilst being kind and patient with yourself along the exciting journey into motherhood. 

Bumps & Burpees.png

Why Mums Don't Jump 

Podcast by Helen Ledwick

Why Mums Don’t Jump is a podcast (and now a book!) about pelvic floor problems after childbirth. It was created by the former BBC journalist, Helen Ledwick, who’s on a mission to end the taboo around incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain - conditions that affect an estimated one-in-three women, yet are so shrouded in shame and secrecy that we barely know they exist.


The podcast is a mix of women’s stories and expert voices on topics that include a safe return to exercise and overcoming a fear of movement. Described by listeners as ‘a life line’, it will have you laughing, crying and cringing towards community and hope. 

Why Did No One Tell Me? How to protect, heal and nurture your body throughout motherhood

Book by Emma Brockwell

A reassuring, no-nonsense guide to caring for your body before, during and after giving birth.

For too long, women have been told that debilitating conditions following pregnancy are normal, to be expected, and something to just put up with. Emma Brockwell is on a mission to change this. Having been through two difficult pregnancies herself, Emma combines her expertise as a specialist women’s health physiotherapist with personal experience to create a warm, honest, informative and essential handbook to help pregnant women and new mums take control and care for their changing bodies. Find out how to:


  • Protect your pelvic floor

  • Heal effectively from birth – both vaginal deliveries and caesarean sections

  • Tackle common, and TREATABLE, post-birth problems

  • Exercise safely after birth

Every woman has the right to be informed and this empowering guide gives you all the tools you need to look after your amazing body throughout motherhood.

Why Did No One Tell Me.png
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