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About Us

We know there are misconceptions that being active during pregnancy carries a risk to mothers and their babies. Women often face criticism if they continue an active lifestyle, and many are told to 'take it easy'.  We also know that there is little consistent advice and support for women who wish to stay active, especially those from poorer socio-economic backgrounds. We intend to change this!


Our aims are to remove traditional barriers and social stigmas, ensuring there is easily accessible provision in expertise, information and support for women who choose to be active throughout pregnancy and motherhood. 

As a charity the Active Pregnancy Foundation intends to normalise active pregnancies. So join our movement and help us to change our culture, and improve the future health of our nation.



Our Aims


out our Manifesto HERE

What We Do

We'll be partnering with organisations to launch our very Active Pregnancy Awareness Events  Watch this space for events, media coverage & opportunities to get involved.

Our flagship campaign will  launch in 2020. Our aim -to tackle the fitness industry by inviting them to sign our Baby Bumps Welcome Charter.

Mums, we have information 

to help reassure you, recommendations to enable you to get or stay active, and advice to help you tackle prejudice.


Advice for Mums


Fitness Professionals

It is our aim that every health & fitness professional feels confident to support and advise pre and post natal women.

Take a look at our resources for guidance & access to online development tools.

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