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Lana's Marathon Efforts

Lana Farinha, editor of Motherzing Magazine, and long time supporter of The APF is running the Wales Marathon on 3rd July.

She's raising money for us and we'd love your help to get her reach her £700 target!

Every little helps, especially during these tough financial times.

About Lana

"Before I became pregnant, exercise during pregnancy was never a concern or even a thought. It was only when I got pregnant that I started to question whether I was going to be able to carry on with my routine.

I was able to run until the second trimester of my pregnancy, but I realised there were also other ways to maintain my fitness. I soon understood that I wasn’t going to get fitter, but I would be able to maintain a good base level.

But I didn’t have all the answers, and that’s why I decided to start a podcast, the Active Mothers Podcast, to be able to understand what other active mums did whilst pregnant and during their recovery. I also chatted with health professionals to get more information on what was right or wrong to do whilst pregnant. All those conversations created a space for women who had similar doubts.

I realised that sharing our stories is important because there are so many things we can learn from each other and more importantly, feeling like we are not alone. Because of this journey, I decided to expand and that’s how the Motherzing Magazine came about. It was also during this time that I came across The Active Pregnancy Foundation and the amazing work they do to raise awareness, upskill professionals, and empower women. To this end, I donate 3% of every magazine sold to the charity.

Now I’ve had my baby I can reflect on my experience and I’ve loved meeting so many mums. They’ve inspired me to find a goal and on the 3rd of July I will be doing The Wales Marathon, my first ever marathon! This gives me something to look forward to and work towards whilst getting my fitness back on track, but I also want to celebrate my first year as a mama with something meaningful.

I want more mums to be empowered through activity and so I will be raising funds for The APF so that they can continue their work to support women to stay active during pregnancy and beyond by providing expertise and advice, changing culture and challenging policy.”

Please show your support for Lana by donating if you can👇


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