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Our Big Push 2024

We've published our vision for 2024 - Read "Our Big Push"!

In January 2023 we launched a very ambitious Big Push, and it proved to be a huge year for us! Our inaugural APF Awards were a triumph, and a fantastic opportunity to meet face-to-face the incredible people who share our passion. Bringing the event together was however a huge undertaking.  As an organisation run entirely by volunteers, we’re keen to work smarter, not harder, making the most of the time we can gift to the charity, but also being pragmatic about our capacity. 2024 will see a drive towards financial sustainability and team building to ensure we continue to deliver on our vision to create a society where women are empowered to be physically active throughout their childbearing years in a way that works for them.


APF Awards & Conference


We’ve decided to host our APF Awards every two years with a conferencing event taking place in the years between award ceremonies; this gives us the time to secure sponsors, allows the evidence base to grow, and ensures that potential nominees have time to prepare. Therefore, in 2024 we will be hosting our first conferencing event and we’ll be inviting researchers, healthcare, sports and fitness professionals along to share their research, case studies, and project evaluations. It will be an opportunity to network, as well as celebrate the excellent work happening on this topic area.


APF Directory


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a free open-access online directory of trusted professionals and locally based classes and activities for pregnant and postnatal women. This has proved more complicated than we could have imagined! We’ll continue our efforts to put the necessary frameworks in place to ensure it’s accessible for all, so bear with us, we’ll be bringing this to you as soon as we can!


TMM Ambassadors


We’re particularly proud of our ‘This Move Moves’ educational programme! In 2023 we’ve trained over a hundred Ambassadors (exceeding our annual target) and hosted our first networking event. We’ll be delivering even more training sessions in 2024, with the view that our Ambassadors will be able to spread the word, ensuring more women are empowered with the right information to make informed decisions about their engagement in physical activities during their childbearing years. Building on this, we are also very pleased to support the national movement to embed physical activity in clinical pathways, bridging the gap between health and fitness.


Endorsement Scheme 


Our Endorsement Scheme is now up and running and we will be accepting more applications from January. We’re fine-tuning the application process to be able to offer a fully digital product, and we’ll be working on this throughout the year.

The application is thorough and the Endorsement Panel are experts in the field; gaining the badge is therefore reflective of a commitment to deliver a high-quality programme, product, or event. So, if you’re looking to take the next step, please get in touch.

Read Our Big Push 2024 for more information.

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