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The Mynydd Mammas Trekking Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) at Night!

Sally & Marlize, CEOs of the APF, are celebrating the charity's birthday with our very first public fundraising campaign.

Rather than hold a bake sale, or a sponsored beard trim, we've decided to trek up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) at night!

Ok, you've seen the pictures of people walking up it in flip flops, so it can't be that difficult, right?! WRONG! It's dark, Sally gets the fear walking down steep stairs, and we heard the local choughs get a taste for human blood after dusk ... so, all in all, it's going to be tough. Seriously tough.

Don't worry though, Marlize has packed some protein bars, and Sally has brought the vaseline (to prevent chaffing, obvs) and we're training hard to get up the mountain and down again, before dawn, to make sure every pregnant and postnatal woman, and childbearing person, in the UK has the information they need to choose to become or remain active.

Every penny motivates us, so please pledge your support!

Sally & Marlize

Sally on her daytime training hike up Yr Wyddfa in September

The Cause

Physical activity confers many physical and mental benefits for pregnant/postnatal women and childbearing people. These benefits include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, mood, and sleep; and a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure problems, gestational diabetes, postnatal depression, and excessive gestational weight gain.

However, despite these benefits, engagement in physical activities is really low, with research showing that only 3-15% of pregnant women are meeting the recommended guidelines. This means that the majority of women and childbearing people are missing out on the associated health benefits...and we are NOT OK with this!

We at The APF provide provide expertise & advice, whilst changing culture & challenging policy.


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