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Competition Winners ANNOUNCED!

We're extremely proud to announce the winners of our RealMumsAreRoleModels Photography Competition 2021. With over 250 entries the judges had a tricky time, but together they've selected photographs that embody both the joy of being active but also the campaign's aims to increase the diversity and inclusivity of active mums and mums-to-be.

Our Winners

ActiveBlackBrownMum - Funmi Olatoye

ActiveMum - Gillian McRobbie

ActiveDisabilityMum - Melanie Stephenson

Inspirational Story - Lottie Holmes.

Lottie's Story

Out cycling in Wimbledon Common. I used to cycle for at least an hour every day even when I was pregnant. I completed a triathlon a few years ago as well.I stopped cycling when I was 7months pregnant as my centre of gravity had shifted too much and I wasn't as stable, haha!

I had hoped to get cycling again quite quickly after giving birth but then the pandemic hit and all my work dried up and I was just stuck at home with my son and PND.

Getting back out with Seth with me has been great. He enjoys watching everything as we go as he's very nosy. Gives me more freedom as well, we're not constrained to where we can get a bus and we can just stop and pick some flowers if we want. Apparently I'm 'brave' for cycling with him but really it's quicker and easier to get around South West London on a bike. Although in the rain it's no fun. Cycling has always given me time to just clear my mind and it's quite calming even when going through London traffic.I'm hoping he will get his own bike when he's older and will want to keep cycling together. He's already having swimming lessons so maybe we can enter a triathlon together in the future too!

Our Judging Team

Our judges really did have their work cut out for them, but they came together after debating the merits of the images and stories they loved over several hours. During the judging process they decided there were so many brilliant pictures that we've now included an 'Honourable Mention' category, each winning a £50 Amazon Gift Voucher.

“I am very impressed with the range of pictures and activities entered by the mums and mums to be, it’s wonderful to see the joy exercise brings, and these images will be an inspiration to many and a great resource to the APF.”

Anita Corbin, Portrait Photographer

"Extremely pleased with the winners. Any mother can be active, and we hope this competition highlighted this. I wish I was encouraged more to keep and stay active during my pregnancy, we hope that this motivates you to find what keeps you active on your own personal journey of motherhood".

Sandra Igwe, Campaigner & Influencer

It was such an honour to be asked to be a judge in the Active Pregnancy #realmumsarerolemodels competition. I was amazed at the variety of ways mums are getting active - with and without babies - and loved seeing how much fun was being had (especially by the little ones!). I'm so inspired to try new ways to be active with my children now."

Sophie Power, Ultra Marathon Runner

Honourable Mentions

Hollie Davis

Ash Greenwood

Emma Blake

Steph Dimmock

Holly Wilson


We want to thank everyone who had entered the competition, for sharing their inspirational stories and wonderful photographs. For us it is the start of something much bigger, an ongoing campaign to increase the visibility and representation of pregnant and postnatal enjoying their 'active', because if we see more, we get more!

We also wanted to thank the British Army for joining us in promoting the competition and encouraging serving women to enter. They are a shining beacon of what can be achieved within an organisation.

Finally, we cannot thank our sponsors enough for providing the prizes:

To see all the entries head to Instagram

& enter #realmumsarerolemodels, or find them HERE

Oh, and if you didn't win this year, keep your eyes peeled for the RMARM Photography Competition 2022!

The APF Team


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