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Pregnancy & Postnatal Support for Elite Athletes

UK Sport Launches New Guidance

UK Sport has taken the exciting step of developing pregnancy guidance for elite athletes and Sports Governing Bodies (SBGs). They believe that "starting a family and being an elite athlete should not be mutually exclusive."

The guidance launched this week receiving a great deal of publicity. It has highlighted the need for athletes to be supported during this period in their lives.

As a major distributor of public funding, UK Sport can now ensure SGBs "owe athletes a duty of care... that their wellbeing and performance are managed effectively during pregnancy and post-childbirth".

Sally Munday, CEO at UK Sport said,

" athlete should be forced to make a choice between elite sport and starting a family."

We couldn't agree with her more!

They have created two separate guidance documents, for both SGBs and Athletes. We will, of course, be signposting to these via our 'Resources' page.


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