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Small Steps

This March we're shining a light on people and projects that support or inspire pregnant or postnatal women to walk, jog or run.

Bristol Girls Can

#BristolGirlsCan launched a new #SmallSteps campaign focusing on mums of young children, inspiring, encouraging and supporting them to take small steps to being more active.

Last year was tough on mums, who already struggle to find time for themselves. The message of their campaign is to start small and do what works for you.

You can visit their website for tips, an activity guide and inspiring stories from Bristol mums taking their own small steps:

Mum's Stories


I‘m a first-time mum to a little girl. Having lots of early wake up calls in the morning, exercise is usually the last thing on my mind! However, I always aim to take my daughter out once a day for a long walk, whether that is with the dog or meeting up with a friend at the local park.

As I’m sure a lot of mums who had a baby during the pandemic can agree, being able to go outside to exercise is a great way to boost your mood as we spent a longtime being in lockdown, which I personally found very isolating....

Read more about Emily HERE


I’m Zoe and I have 2 kids, one aged 3 and one new-born. I’ve always loved to walk, I started as a child walking to school and I’m still walking today.

When I used to feel low or needed to clear my head, I would walk around the harbourside at night, I loved looking at the architecture and the lights. Before kids, I was always busy during the daytime, working and at college, so night- time was my only free time. I found it peaceful and quiet and full of wonder. It’s always been like my therapy. I feel creative and inspired when I’m walking...

Read more about Zoe HERE


I have 14-month-old daughter who was born in lockdown so getting out of the house for fresh air was so important during that time. I enjoy walking in my local park and sometimes meet with my friend Emily and her daughter who I met at a baby group.

It’s hard sometimes to fit in exercise whilst caring for a baby but a walk is an easy way of doing this, not only is it exercise for me, but it also helped get Cora to sleep! If I was feeling down getting out in some green space watching the birds and wildlife really made a difference...

Read more about Paige HERE

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