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The Period of the Period Podcast

Updated: May 5, 2021

Our CEOs Sally & Marlize joined Kelly McNulty on her podcast, "The Period of the Period". Kelly is a PhD candidate investigating the effect of the menstrual cycle on athletic performance, adaptation and recovery.

"There is a lack of awareness, evidence-based education and support surrounding female-specific performance and health considerations, from the menstrual cycle to hormonal contraceptives, alongside, breast health, pelvic floor health, pregnancy and the menopause. The podcast is here to change this narrative and discuss all the female-specific topics that went under the radar for so long."

We talked a lot (!) covering many of the main topics The APF promote:

  • The benefits of keeping active during pregnancy

  • The current guidance

  • How professionals can improve the quality & consistency of the information they give.

You can access the podcast and series on female specific sport and exercise topics, here

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter.


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